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Medical Marijuana in Australia is a growing market. Since it’s introduction, many cannabis users have rejoiced over the new regulations.

Section 1: The Introduction of Medical Cannabis in Australia

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull introduced the Medicinal Cannabis bill back in 2014. The bill aims to regulate the usage of medical marijuana in Australia. According to PM Turnbull, the bill will help to make it easier for patients and their doctors. According to the bill, it is now easier for patients to have access to cannabis-based medicinal products such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabis oil, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Some of the treatment options available under the proposed laws:

Medical cannabis is now recognised as an alternative treatment for a number of medical conditions. The patients suffering from chronic pain, chronic seizures and multiple sclerosis may benefit from this treatment.

What Are the States Where You Can Get It?


New South Wales

Western Australia



How Do I Get Medical Cannabis?

There are many ways to obtain medical cannabis. These options include:

Selecting your caregiver and having them cultivate for you.

Buying your medical cannabis from a registered supplier.

Ordering from a medical cannabis club.

To find a state where medical cannabis is legal, you can enter your location in this map provided by the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Although there is a lengthy list of conditions that may be helped by medical cannabis, this step is still highly important. For a complete list of medical cannabis conditions, visit the federal government’s website.

How to Make a Medical Cannabis Appointment

You can use the Australian government’s official website for booking an appointment.

Just call up the above contact number, complete the form and get access to a specialist. If your specialist is unavailable on that day, you can talk to another one in the future.

You can get more information about the process from here.

Get Started With An Online Medical Cannabis Appointment

An online appointment takes about 2 minutes to book. So you can do that here. The website is easy to navigate and you should get yourself registered quickly.

It’s important to remember that medical cannabis is a prescription medicine so you should only book the appointment if you have a prescription from a doctor.

The Growing Market of Medical Cannabis in Australia

There are various reasons why the Australian cannabis industry is booming.

Cannabis is illegal, and has been thought to have adverse effects. Other than to get high, it has no medicinal benefit as said by many in the past.

Before marijuana was accepted to be medically beneficial, people were mostly on medicinal pharmaceutical products which are legal and widely accepted.

Since it’s illegal, and the benefits of cannabis were doubtful, no doctors will recommend it.

Now, as the market has changed with Australia’s new laws, there are many benefits for medical cannabis users.

It’s now easy for them to get the medicine they need from dispensaries, and not in a legal black market.

What Is the Australian Medical Cannabis Industry Like?

Well, as you can see, Australian cannabis has a lot of benefits.

It’s also the biggest growth area for this century.


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