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Our suns power is equivalent to non in our solar system. This amazing naturally occurring phenomenon has given life to us humans, animals, insects, plants and other organisms.

Sun needed for cannabis plants outdoors

sunlight needed for cannabisYou only need 6 hours of direct sunlight per day to grow amazing cannabis plants. Simply search for a location that isn’t surrounded by trees. Ideally, 6 hours is plenty but if you can get up to 10-12 hours of direct sunlight, you’ll be in an excellent position.

In order for cannabis plants to grow like crazy outside, they require a certain amount of sunlight.
Cannabis plants thrive when they receive between 10 – 12 hours of direct sunlight per day, depending on their size. Weed plants grow quite quickly, as you’ve probably seen for yourself, and as a result, they require a large amount of solar energy to fuel their growth.

Healthy cannabis plants, on the other hand, can be grown in the outdoors with a minimum of six hours of uninterrupted sunlight per day. It’s important to remember that these plants will grow more slowly and, as a result, may produce lighter and lower-quality crops than plants that receive appropriate amounts of sunlight.

Sunlight Spectrum Colours & Its Effect on Marijuana Growing

cannabis and lighting colour | Spectrum and Wavelength

During the mornings, cannabis has more blue light than red in the light spectrum. The morning sunlight is best for early growth such as seedlings and the vegetative phase as it promotes bushier and more compact growth (good for denser buds). Cannabis plants grown with inadequate blue lighting grow thin & tall and fail to grow the proper root system to support itself.

During the afternoons, the sunlight is more abundant in colours in the orange or red spectrum. The warmer colours are ideal for cannabis in the flowering stage as it promotes bud development. Flowering and fruiting are aided by red light, which also helps to prolong flowering. It has the potential to significantly increase photosynthesis in plants while also promoting their growth. Plants, on the other hand, will appear stretched and extended if they are only exposed to red light during their growth.

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