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Introduction to Growing Marijuana Outdoors

marijuana plant growing outdoors

To get this out of the way, growing cannabis outdoors is a time-consuming journey. But it’s also tremendously lucrative. This is a beginner’s guide to growing great cannabis outside on a budget. You may wind up with a poor yield if you are growing outside for the first time so read up on our guide for best results.

Our website only provides a small-scale outdoor growing guide. Check your state’s laws first before you follow it. In the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), recreational marijuana use is decriminalised. You must be 18 or over and are limited to two plants per person or four plants per household in the ACT.

It must also be grown outdoors and away from public view.

Marijuana Growing Australia assumes that growing marijuana plants is legal in your state. First and foremost, you must have the ideal climate for growth.

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Perks

Outdoor marijuana cultivation has its drawbacks (which we’ll discuss later), but it also has its perks:

Environmentally Friendly: Indoor gardening demands a lot of electricity for lights, ventilation, and other equipment. Indoor marijuana production in California consumes the equivalent of 200 pounds of coal to grow just one pound. Plants need sun, air, water, and minimum equipment to survive outdoors.

Amazing Weed: Outdoor marijuana has a distinct smell and aroma. Pick the correct strain and you’ll love every puff.

Cheap: Outdoor growth gives infinite sun, fresh air, CO2, and rainwater if you choose the correct place. Buy quality seeds, care for them well, and they will require little care once sprouted. You’ll be astonished at how simple it is to cultivate marijuana outdoors if you understand pests and weather.

Bigger Harvest: Outdoor marijuana plants commonly reach six feet. This plant yields 500 grams of dried bud. Six plants normally yield enough cannabis product for a year.

Read more about the benefits of outdoor grows.

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