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Ruderalis (Autoflower) Cannabis Strain

Ruderalis strains of marijuana generally don’t have much of an effect on its own but when crossed with either sativa or indica, it can create a fast harvest with remarkable qualities.

If you’re looking for fast-flowering cannabis seeds, then Autoflower seeds are the perfect choice for you. They grow in just 3 months, can GROW SEVERAL PLANTS IN A SMALL SPACE, and are ideal for indoor growing.

Read About Cannabis Ruderalis

Quality you can trust

All of our autoflower cannabis seeds are female, have been bred from established Ruderalis strains to ensure quality, and are genetically diverse. You can trust that our F1 autoflower marijuana strains will produce a high-quality harvest with minimal time and effort.

auto flower seeds australia

Flexible & convenient

Our autoflower marijuana seeds are perfect for Aussie indoor growers with limited space – they grow in just 3 months, produce a wide crop, and require little maintenance. You can only obtain ‘feminised’ autoflower weed seeds as the term “flower” indicates in the name.

Auto flower seeds are the fastest flowering marijuana strains available. The ruderalis family of cannabis is a fast growing type that can produce a finished harvest in just 3 months. Autoflowering seeds are guaranteed female and weigh less than other cannabis types. Autoflowering seeds are also the easiest to grow because they don’t need as much time to reach harvest age, and require fewer nutrients than other types of marijuana plants.

Ruderalis Characteristics

Ruderalis strains are shorter and can have high THC and CBD. You can find plenty of autoflower seeds bred by experts in combination with other strains. These autoflowers are quickly taking the marijuana world by storm.

This page will focus on autoflowering cannabis plants, how they work, their benefits, their drawbacks, and the future of these plants in the world of cannabis.

Autoflowers are quickly taking over the marijuana world by storm because they are short plants that flower automatically without needing to be changed to different light cycles day-to-day which is a huge advantage for cultivators who don’t have much time to spend tending to plants or worry about forgetting to change over plants from growing lights.

Growing Autoflowers (Ruderalis Strain)

Growing Ruderalis is the best way to get primed for harvest. You can grow them in your garden or in a grow tent. There are many different strains that you can choose from to find the perfect Ruderalis strain for your requirements.

Ruderalis Grow Hints and Tips:

Ruderalis strains are really easy to grow, especially when it comes to their flowering time. You will see the first flowers bloom after only 8-10 weeks of flowering under 12 hours of light daily.

Growing autoflowers has become a common practice for many cannabis growers. With the cannabis industry booming, many people are trying to get in on the action.

How to grow autoflower cannabis seeds?

Autoflowers grow in a similar manner to other marijuana strains. They need a lot of light and water, but they don’t need much else when it comes to nutrients. It’s best to use organic or natural fertilizers when growing autoflowers because they’re sensitive plants that can easily be hurt by chemicals.

Growing Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds

Auto Flower cannabis strains are designed to automatically flower regardless of light cycles, making them ideal for growers who are short on space for growing. This is because they are typically grown indoors in artificial light, which means that there is no need for a separate space for flowering.

To grow auto-flower cannabis strains, start by germinating cannabis seeds in a moist paper towel in a sealed glass container. Once the seeds have sprouted, plant them in soil in your garden or grow tent.

autoflower marijuana strains australia

Autoflower Benefits

Auto flowering cannabis strains are great for novice growers as they are easy to grow, don’t need to be changed frequently, and can produce a good harvest for beginners.

Autoflowering strains are easier to grow because they are resistant to stress, are less susceptible to pests, and won’t need to be changed frequently.

Auto flowering cannabis strains produce a good yield for beginners because they don’t need any special care or time invested into them. When growing an auto-flowering plant, make sure to keep a close watch on your plants. You must ensure they don’t get over fertilised.

Keep an eye on the following when growing Autoflower cannabis strains;

The plant is growing too high and/or too fast

The plant may be in the wrong light cycle for its stage of growth. The plant may be growing too high because of a lack of light.

The plant is not receiving enough light

The plant may need to be moved closer to the light. The plant may need to be moved from a natural light cycle to an artificial light cycle. The plant may not be receiving the right type of light for its stage

Popular Autoflower Marijuana Strains

  • African Queen

The African Queen is a cross of Green Crack and Northern Lights.

  • Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is a strain that originated in Holland.

  • Green Crack

Green Crack is a hybrid that only takes around 45 days to flower.

Autoflowers can have great yields from very little space

There are a number of high yielding autoflower cannabis strains available. Most of which can only be found on the internet.

Premium Autoflowering seeds are available for purchase on the internet but you need a license or permit from the ODC to import to Australia. These seeds are very popular due to the fact that they are very easy to use. They need less care than other types of cannabis seeds, and they will start to grow almost right away. They can grow in almost any type of environment, and they don’t need any special light.

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