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The Low-Down on Cannabis Strains

When talking about the science of the herb, the term strain alludes to varieties of one particular plant. Cannabis strains such as Indica and Sativa are hereditary subsets of the plant with diverse varieties which have varying effects. The various strains of marijuana produce differing levels of CBD (used mainly for medical reasons) and THC (used commonly in recreational settings for its intoxicating effects).

There are also varieties like hemp strains which grow taller and don’t produce flowers. Realising the difference of cannabis strains is essential to successful growth. There are different types of cannabis seeds you should familiarise your with so make sure to choose the right strain. Don’t worry, we will help.

The Main 3 Marijuana Strains:

There are 3 main types of cannabis and there are many hybrids;

> Sativa
> Indica
> Ruderalis (Autoflower)
> Hybrids

The 3 Main Types of Cannabis


Sativa cannabis strains grow the tallest and product the most bud when given plenty of lighting. This strain performs the best outdoors as it can grow to its full potential. The high from sativa is known to be a relaxing, social and cerebral high.

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Cannabis Sativa
Cannabis Sativa


Indicas are shorter growing than Sativa making it great for small setups. This strain type grows compact and produces denser budding. The high from Indica can be quite powerful giving birth to the term “couch locked’ when smoked.

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Cannabis Indica
Cannabis Indica

Ruderalis (Autoflower)

Ruderalis is the shortest cannabis strain out of the lot and is great for fast, automatic flowering that is only 3 months from seed. Its excellent if you want a harvest sooner than later. Ruderalis on its own does not intoxicate you as much therefore they cross it with other strains to create a hybrid.

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Cannabis Ruderalis
Cannabis Ruderalis


A hybrid cannabis strain is simply a mixture of the three marijuana strains above. Some maybe indica dominant, some may be sativa and so on. Hybrids are great if you like the quality of two strains and want it combined to one strain. You get the best of both worlds.

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Hybrid Cannabis Strains
Hybrid Cannabis Strains

☞ Here is a 2 minute video that breaks down the different strains of weed and their unique effects:

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Types of cannabis seeds:

There are 3 types of cannabis seeds with respect to breed,

> regular
> feminised
> autoflower

Regular seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are absolutely normal, with no substance or hereditary change. They’re natural seeds reproduced from male and female plants, delivering 50/50 male and female seeds. Each time you grow them, you’re facing a potential challenge. There’s an even possibility that they’ll grow up to be blossoming females or pollen producing males. On the off chance that they produce less THC-rich blossoms, why bother developing regular seeds? All things considered; males are very important with regards to reproducing. Furthermore, regular strains aren’t ideal to clone.


Feminised seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds are hereditarily designed to just become female plants, and they quite often (99.9%) do as such. Taking out the element of chance, this strain type is ideal for those who want guaranteed bud if grown correctly. Feminised seeds will in general be intended to create photoperiod plants.

Photoperiod means the plant will rely on the sunlight/haziness hours (generally 12 dark, 12 light) to trigger flowering. Out in nature, cannabis begins to bloom toward the finish of summer when the days get shorter. It would seem that the longer periods of darkness onsets bloom to a marijuana plant.


Autoflowering seeds

Autoflower seeds will grow female plants which produce bud in as little as 3 months. These type of seeds are usually a mix of indica and ruderalis or sativa and ruderalis and anything else in between. Ruderalis is what makes the plant flower automatically without a need to change lighting. Ruderalis plants are generally pretty plain on their own due to lesser amounts of THC hence why they breed it with the other two types of cannabis, sativa and indica.


☞ Here’s a 3 minute video that explains the different seed types of Marijuana:


Tips to grow cannabis/marijuana:

Australia’s immense and wild normal environmental factors make it conceivable to develop a wide range of Aussie cannabis strains. All things considered, you’ll find half breeds and Sativa-ruled strains will in general standard in the outback, offering plants high in THC and CBD. While the legal circumstance may not be great, Australia has prime conditions for developing Aussie cannabis strains. It is decriminalised to possess, use and grow a certain amount of cannabis in the Australian Capital Territory, basically Canberra and its rural areas. While the entire nation isn’t yet ready, there’s a strong therapeutic industry and a future that looks to ultimately turn out well for Canberra.

Many Aussies have started sourcing outdoor strains that perform well in Australia. That way, they know the source, they know the quality, and they know precisely the produce you’re getting. Growing outside or in nurseries is the key for some, as the sun is the most powerful source of lighting – offering bigger harvests especially if growing Sativa. It’s likewise the easiest and most financially savvy method for cultivating weed in Australia, without the requirement for on-board aqua-farming or indoor space. The sky is the limit.

Here are the 10 top cannabis strains for Australia with Auto flower strains included;

  • Sticky beast automatic
  • +Speed Auto
  • Quick one
  • Purple Punch Auto
  • Caramel Automatic
  • La Diva
  • Monster Mash Auto
  • Watermelon Automatic
  • Original Auto Skunk
  • Green-O-Matic


The aftereffect of an amazing cannabis threesome as Bubble Gum x OG Kush x Critical Automatic, Sticky Beast Auto flower strain is first on our rundown of quickly developing auto flowers. Beginning to end, it’ll require only 7–8 weeks to convey a fantastic reap. Arriving at statures of 40–80cm indoors and 60–100cm outdoors, it offers discretion, and isn’t overbearing in the smallest. When you find out where to get cannabis strains in Australia, you can expect returns in the region of 350–400g/m² indoors and 150–200g/plant outdoors.

It provides a long-lasting high that saddles the relaxing prowess of Its folks, and will have you relaxed quickly by any stretch of the imagination. You can express gratitude toward Its 18% THC content and predominantly indica Hereditary qualities for this soothing impact.


Prepared to gather in 8 weeks, there’s little wonder why Quick One is remembered for our rundown. Dependable and robust, this strain was formed by crossing Lowrider 1 with Old School Indica. Without a doubt, it’s short in height, yet that only method you can squeeze more plants into your growing region! Arriving at statures of 50–60cm indoors and 60–100cm outdoors. Indoor plants will return a decent 275–325g/m², while outdoor plants are equipped for producing a fantastic 100–150g/plant. With Its indica Hereditary qualities, different terpene profile, and 13% THC content, it provides a high that is genuinely relaxing however not couch-locking.


+Speed Auto, prepared in only 49 days, +Speed Auto from Sweet Seeds is a quick auto flower strain that has a lot to say for Itself. With ideal parentage as Auto Critical Mass x Speed Devil 2, It’ll grow to around 90cm in tallness, yet is as yet great for a clandestine indoor growing project. Where to get cannabis strains in Australia once prepared to yield, you’ll see some good quantities of up to 150–200g/m² indoors and 30–150g/plant outdoors.

+Speed Auto is a balanced indica/sativa cross breed. With a high that is stimulating and promotes imagination.


Purple Punch Auto is a quick cannabis strain for Australia, taking around 8–9 weeks before It’s prepared to yield. If it does require that extra ninth week, it will genuinely be worth the stand by as It blossoms into a full-grown force to be reckoned with. Purple Punch Auto will arrive at statures of around 80cm by and large. It’s a compact plant that will agreeably amaze any grower, particularly with regards to Its yields. Expect returns of around 400g/m² indoors and a similar amount for every plant outdoors.

This high-performing strain boasts a medium-high THC content and a plethora of terpenes—hearty, skunky, lemon, and fruity notes all do something significant. These phytochemicals combine to catalyse a totally potent, relaxing high that is neither overwhelming nor lacking making it one of the best marijuana strains for Australia.


Requiring pretty much 8 weeks to develop, Caramel Automatic gets from Sweet Caramel x ruderalis, yet is a genuine indica-dominant person by Its own doing. After Its short growing cycle, you can hope to see returns of around 400–450g/m². A basically immense yield for a plant that stands not a lot taller than 100cm. It’s an inside and out super strain topped off with a strong, body-dissolving high—sure to put a grin on the substance of even the most pretentious smoker. It has content of 14%, yet in addition Its medium CBD content of 3%. For certain sweet, sweet caramel flavors, its name is no glad mishap.


La Diva provides some incredible provisions in the grow-op and the reserve container. It’s a robust strain, demonstrating extraordinary opposition against mould, and is handily developed in both indoor and outdoor settings. Requiring an almost unfathomably short 6–7 weeks to arrive at collect, it is as yet equipped for conveying up to 400–450g/m² indoors and 50–100g/plant under the sun. Complete with a sweet, fruity taste and an impactful aroma. This is only upgraded by a THC level of 15–20%, which everything except expels worry from your mind.


It’ll be prepared to reap following a period of 7 weeks by and large, and the outcomes are essentially stunning. It’s unquestionably high-yielding, clocking in at anyplace between 450–500g/m². For a plant that stands at around 85cm, this is a tremendous gather. Simply make certain to watch out for dampness and provide some support along the way.

What’s more, enjoy you will; upon breathing in, a blanket of relaxation will promptly be projected over your body. Your eyes will droop with each additional hit, and you may very well wind up striking the ice chest if you finish a whole joint. Also, though Its aroma is moist and Kush-powered, its flavour is more inconspicuously sweet.


This indica-dominant strain is prepared to reap in close to no time, or 6–7 weeks, to be exact. It’s gotten from two major hitter strains: Tropicana Cookies x Lemon OG. Watermelon Automatic brings every one of the better parts of Its parentage into one perfect bundle. It grows to 80–110cm indoors and 100–120cm out, you can keep Its more grounded on the off chance that you so like. Once prepared to reap, you can hope to see some beautiful sizeable yields of up to 500g/m² indoors and around 100g/plant outdoors. It has THC level of around 20% making it one of the best marijuana strains for Australia


Requiring only 8-9 weeks to race from seed to gather. It’s low upkeep and is designed for both indoor and outdoor growing projects. It’ll arrive at statures of around 80–100cm, making It ideal for those that need a little discretion with their plants, or who basically need something more modest to deal with. Where to get cannabis strains in Australia, at the point when It’s prepared to yield, you’ll see returns of 400–500g/m² indoors and 50–150g/plant outdoors.

Consistent with Its name, you’ll have the option to tell It’s skunky before you even attempt Its. The impacts It brings are certainly relaxing and soothing (you’ll surely feel all of Its 20% THC content), however with some strong inspiring characteristics, making Skunk Auto ideal for a night in with companions.


Six weeks is everything necessary to experience Green-O-Matic. It’s an auto flowering indica-dominant powerhouse that comes from fourfold Hereditary qualities. Formed from the crossing of White Dwarf x Low Rider x Moroccan x ruderalis, it intrigues where it matters most! It’s ready to be grown whenever of year, and is robust enough to manage some of the trickiest environments effortlessly. After Its super-short growing cycle, you can expect some staggering indoor returns of up to 800g/m². Simply take that in for a moment.

With regards to smoking, it provides an overall gentle however long-lasting high that is profoundly relaxing and dotted with euphoria. A THC content of 15% hits the perfect spot for smokers looking to somewhat keep up with their capacity to function. It is one of the best marijuana strains of Australia.  

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