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The 3 Types of Cannabis Seeds

With cannabis, there is 3 types of seeds you may find. The first one is regular seeds, second is feminised and the last is autoflower. Regular seeds can be used to grow male and female marijuana plants. With feminised seeds, you are guaranteed a marijuana plant that will produce flowers (bud). The last of the three, autoflower, will grow female plants that will produce bud in 3 months.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular seeds are created by crossing a male and a female plant, and they can grow to be either male or female.

The male-to-female ratio of regular seeds is unknown until flowering begins and the plants reveal their sex. Regular seeds give growers the opportunity to experience the full genetic history of a cannabis strain, while female plants yield only desirable bud.


Feminised Marijuana Seeds

To get an almost 100% chance at getting bud from your cannabis plants, look into feminised seeds. Female plants grow from feminised seeds, producing the end result we all want – bud.

To get feminised seeds from a cannabis plant, make an already known female to produce male flowers. When a female plant develops male blooms, the seeds are feminised if this pollen is spread to another female. You can do this by introducing light at specific periods during the dark hours of flowering, or by spraying Colloidal Silver on the flower sites of a female plant to create a chemical change in the plant that develops pollen-producing male flowers.

Pollen from “male” flowers is used to pollinate female flowers, and because the pollen came from a plant that is technically female, all of the progeny should be female.


Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Auto-flower seeds are a good option if you’re new to cultivating cannabis. Rather than flowering according to the daily light cycles, plants will flower when they reach a particular maturity, which is usually ten weeks from seed.

Modern day strains are crossed with Cannabis Ruderalis strains to create auto-flowering strains. Cannabis Ruderalis is the third subtype of cannabis, with Indica and Sativa being the other two. Cannabis Ruderalis grows closer to the North and South Poles, and has a much shorter lifespan than strains that grow closer to the Equator.

Because of the absence of sunshine for extended periods of time at both the North and South Poles, Cannabis Ruderalis strains have evolved to the point where they will complete their life cycle regardless of the amount of light available.




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