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Soil Based Grows: Does it Have Grounds?

Growing cannabis in soil has been the go-to method of cannabis growers for decades.

However, with cannabis legalisation sweeping across North America and other parts of the world, cannabis markets are beginning to open up once again. This means more opportunities than ever before for cannabis farmers – especially those who choose or are limited by growing organic cannabis.  And due to this massive demand, cannabis businesses are scrambling to find new innovative ways to produce an abundance of cannabis flower that is not only high quality but also organic.

Enter soil-based cannabis farming that allows cultivators to harvest top-shelf marijuana without using synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.  This technique may be simple but is it really better? More efficient? Is it sustainable long term, only you can decide. But one thing is for sure, organic cannabis grown in soil has been the tried and true method for centuries and is better in some peoples eyes.

Soil Grow Medium

The pro and con of growing cannabis in soil.

Pro: Better Flavour Profile

Many cannabis connoisseurs claim that cannabis grown in this method offers a better flavour profile due to it being more natural, which also means no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.  What does this mean?   It essentially means cannabis grown organically has a less processed taste.  In other words, cannabis consumers can enjoy the flavour nuances from different terpenes that they come to love and know as part of cannabis flower’s profile.

Con: Slower Growth Rates

Cannabis plants grow at a much slower rate when growing in soil because cannabis is a flowering plant just like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant – all of

Soil cannabis grows – how does it work?

Agricultural cannabis cultivation is similar to growing any other type of plant, such as tomatoes or corn.  Growers create an organic nutrient mixture to feed the cannabis seedlings all the way up until harvest time.  These nutrients consist of items like bat guano (bat poop), worm castings (worm poop), kelp meal, and feather meal, just to name a few. All these ingredients supply cannabis plants with essential minerals and macronutrients needed for growth and development.

Nevertheless, cannabis farmers have been finding ways to improve cannabis production by utilising innovative techniques that maximise yields while also minimising environmental impact and preventing contamination from pesticides used in a lot of grows not limited to cannabis.

Ideal Soils

Marijuana Grown in Soil

{For Growing Marijuana}

There’s a lot of cannabis growers who are very particular about the ingredients in their cannabis soils.  This means they want cannabis-grade soils to be used in the growing process.  Basically, cannabis-grade soils are created with organic materials that have been composted for weeks before being introduced into cannabis grow operations. But what exactly makes up cannabis-grade soil?

Cannabis on its own can grow well in an array of different conditions but this really depends on what type of breed you’re growing.  For example, indica plants do best when grown indoors while sativas prefer outdoor settings. Indicas also don’t grow as tall compared to sativas so if height is an issue, choose indicas as they are shorter and more compact flowers. However if you are wanting larger plants and bigger yields, choose sativa.

Growing cannabis can be a challenging experience especially if you’re new to it. The best cannabis-friendly soil for cannabis plants is loose and loamy, made from a mixture of composted organic materials that have been proven to nourish cannabis .

In this guide, we will go over the different types of cannabis-friendly soils as well as their pros and cons.  We also provide tips on how to make your own cannabis soil at home using free or very cheap ingredients.

What’s In The Soil?

weed plants in soil based grow

Cannabis plants thrive in nutrient rich soils which should provide them with everything they need during flowering periods.  Most commercial soil brands contain a list of nutrients that may include:

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium

These are just some of the nutrients required to grow a successful cannabis crop. There are many other macro and micro nutrients needed to grow a worthy harvest.

But if you want to grow the best, make sure your soil has sufficient amounts of the above nutrients and make an effort to include any other nutrients you feel your cannabis may need.

The Recipe For Your Cannabis Soil Should Contain:

Your soil should contain 30% Composted Organic Material (Humus) –  Usually made from animal manure, this will be beneficial for the cannabis plants by providing them with nitrogen and various bacteria that are needed for good root health.  Also, humus is great at improving soil drainage and aeration.  Contrary to popular belief, cannabis does not require highly compacted soils so adding compost should help keep cannabis roots free of being constricted too tightly together.

60% Sandy Gravel or Small Stones – This will improve cannabis drainage making it easier for cannabis roots to take in oxygen during periods of excessive growth or flowering.

When it comes to growing cannabis, it is an essential idea to provide a grow medium such as soil to have an aerated texture. Most plants thrive on having loose, easily accessible soils that their roots can easily penetrate for nutrients and water.

Cannabis plants are no different to other plants, when it comes to this ideal growing medium.

What makes them different is the availability of nutrients which may be more suited to the marijuana species.

What soil is the best medium for cannabis? (soil)

What is the best way to tell what kind of cannabis soil is needed? Will cannabis grow in sand or even compacted garden dirt? Can cannabis use any type of cannabis-friendly soil to grow well indoors, outdoors, in a greenhouse, in containers, or in mixed mediums like soilless potting mixes?

All this and more will be covered in this cannabis growing article.

When it comes to cannabis soils, there are many organic composts that can provide nutrients for cannabis throughout its life cycle including peat moss which retains water rather well but does contain enough for higher growth yields. If you are growing cannabis in containers, cannabis likes a rich organic compost with full draining capabilities to ensure cannabis plant growth. If you grow in soil, it’s a good idea to use perlite as it provides a more than sufficient drainage and aeration to the soil if used in proper ratio. Usually a mix a mix of 25% perlite to 75% preferred soil medium.

outside grows - best soil type for marijuana

Most people think that cannabis can grow anywhere because it is “weed” but cannabis actually doesn’t like too much sunlight or very hot temperatures which means cannabis won’t do well outdoors in places where the summertime temps are consistently over 35 celsius. However some strains such as Sativas may be more resilient to these climates than other strains.

Some cannabis growers use the cold climate of winter as their time to grow indoors using supplemental lighting during shorter days so they don’t have to worry about yarndi seeds germinating outside before its time. Indoor cannabis-friendly soils are usually high in nutrients since this helps cannabis plants flower/bud faster so woody stems are less likely for indoor cannabis grows.

Many people who grow cannabis plants like to grow cannabis in soil out of convenience.

Soil provides cannabis plants with everything they need for healthy growth, including nutrients and water. Soil is generally easy to work with since it can be easily moulded into its container. The only drawback to cannabis-friendly soil is that you must make sure the cannabis plant gets enough nutrients throughout their lives or else they will suffer from nutrient deficiencies which may lead to wilting, browning leaves, weakened stalks, hormone imbalances, inhibited photosynthesis , slow growth or even death.

When cannabis is grown in soil, cannabis growers must ensure that the cannabis plant gets enough nutrients and has a well-draining medium to grow in. If cannabis is not given what it needs, cannabis may suffer from nutrient deficiencies which can cause cannabis to develop sickly yellow leaves and browning of the cannabis leaves, weakened stalks, hormone imbalances , inhibited photosynthesis , slow growth or even death. One particularly good type of soil for growing cannabis is ” Super Soil ,” commonly used by commercial cannabis growers when large quantities are necessary. This mix has been specifically engineered to give cannabis plants all the best nutrients to thrive in.

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