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If you’re looking for marijuana-growing goods such as Grow Kits, Fertilisers, Additives, Grow Mediums or even Marijuana Seeds in Australia, we are your go-to.

Our website is intended to service cannabis growers from states in Australia where it’s allowed to cultivate marijuana such as the ACT. In the Australian Capital Territory, you are allowed by law to grow up to two cannabis plants per person or four per household. 

If you obtain goods such as cannabis seeds from the use of our service in Australia, it is intended only for souvenir/collector purposes only unless you hold a permit or license to grow medicinal marijuana.

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We do not condone or support any unlawful conduct at Marijuana Growing Australia hence we ask our visitors to familiarise themselves with their local law. We only aim to provide marijuana news, education, growing information and other relevant web links to residents of the Australian Capital Territory and those with a medicinal marijuana licence or permit. Seed banks in Australia may only provide seeds for collectors or novelty purposes. Users of our service should familiarise themselves with local state laws governing the sale, germination and/or growth of marijuana, since users of our service may be obliged to acknowledge these regulations at the time of seed purchase. You also accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy by clicking I agree.