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Different Methods of Cultivation

So you’re planning to cultivate your plants indoors. By using powerful lights and timers, you can replicate the sun rising and setting on the same frequency year after year, deceiving your plants into faster growth and flowering cycles and allowing for many harvests each year. Now is the moment to decide how your plants will be fed.

Hydroponic – When dirt is removed, plant roots seek nutrients, which a well set up hydroponic system can provide in a precise dose. That may sound like a movie’s joke, but it is true! Hydroponic systems suspend the plants above a tray of growing material such as coco pellets or rockwool, rather than using messy, heavy, and difficult to dispose of soil. A timed system floods the tray on a preset feeding schedule with a pre-mixed solution of water and store-bought nutrients, relieving the farmer of manual watering and digging in the ground.

Soil — The most conventional, and some would argue the simplest, technique of growing is to employ water and nutrient-rich soil, as well as to feed your plants’ root systems. While “wet it and forget it” may get you to harvest, a deeper dive into the science of soil may be necessary to enhance your outcomes.

Hydroponic Methods

Deep Water Culture (DWC)

Deep Water Culture

For the majority of gardeners, the deep water culture (DWC) system is the simplest to maintain.

Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

An ebb and flow system, alternatively referred to as “flood and drain,” continuously floods your plants with nutrients. Complex but worthwhile in the end.



Aeroponic systems are the most sophisticated and typically the most expensive, but they are also the most effective. Read about NASA & Aeroponics.

Drip System

Drip System

The drip system is a good method of addressing the “big problem” of aeration. No more worrying about roots being not being fed regularly.

Getting dirty with soil

To get optimum results for your plants, aim for soil that is rich, dark and loose texture. If your digging up your own soil, keep that in mind along with keeping an eye on growth around where your digging up your soil. If your after a pre-made all round soil for cannabis, go with Canna Terra.

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