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Sativa Cannabis Strain

Sativa cannabis strains are one of the favourites among users who wish to have a more creative, social and focused effect – rather than a sedative high that indica is mostly known for.

As for pure sativa strains it can be difficult to find as there are several different varieties of weed strains available. Many strains are a hybrid between the three types of cannabis (Satica, Indica, Ruderalis) – some may have the ability to relieve pain, inflammation etc, some can put you to sleep in the middle of the day while some will give you more energy and/or focus. [Sources: 1, 16]

This page shows that strains with similar reported proportions of Sativa or Indica may have different genetic backgrounds. Bruce Banner, Flo, Gilliben, Pineapple Express, Purple Mist and Mandarin are all 60/40 hybrid strains, but clearly have different percentages of Indica, Ruderalis or Sativa [Sources: 1, 13]

Sativa mixed with indica

Sativa High

With invigorating, mood-enhancing and creative effects, sativa helps combat feelings of lethargy and boosts focus according to some sources. Due to the cerebral effect and the higher concentration effect attributed to sativa, some people report that sativa cannabis products help relieve ADHD symptoms. Sour Diesel This cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk is popular for this reason. [Sources: 15]

Green Crack is one of the most potent sativa strains with high brain stimulation and only suitable for experienced smokers with a high THC tolerance. It has a cerebral effect that stimulates creativity and increases happiness, making it ideal for anxiety and depression. [Sources: 11]

Cannabis Sativa is an instant, natural boost to happiness and is why many depressed people can regain motivation with this powerful strain and return to their normal lives. Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, spinal injuries and sciatica are just a few of the many conditions that Cannabis Sativa can treat. [Sources: 5]

Cannabis Sativa Physical Characteristics

Sativa plants are tall and thin, making them ideal for growers who want to grow outdoors or in a greenhouse. They also have long stems that make them good for bush grows similar to hemp. Sativas typically yield more than other strains of cannabis and can be identifiable by their longer leaves and lanky appearance. If you’re looking to grow sativas indoors, the best time to plant them is around late April or early May when it’s warm enough outside but before summer hits.

“A sativa is tall, has thin leaves and long stems.” “Sativas typically yield more than other strains of cannabis.”

hybrid sativa strains

One of The Best Sativas

Amnesia Haze is an almost pure sativa strain sold by many cannabis seedbanks such as Homegrown Cannabis Co., but it has some indica characteristics and is actually one of many mainly sativa hybrid strains. In the case of Amnesia Haze, Indica is a very small percentage of its breed and and mainly consists of the sativa cannabis. [Sources: 1]

Interesting Things About Strains:

What’s interesting about cannabis strains is that, it has not yet been established whether indica and sativa are actually separate plant species, however hybrid varieties of the two have become quite popular with smokers who want a little of everything, instead most strains of cannabis are currently dominant with indica, sativa or hybrid predominance. [Sources: 8, 14]

A hybrid is a cannabis plant that is a cross between an indica plant and a sativa plant. There are very few true indica or true sativa strains of cannabis strains. Cannabis strains are pure or hybrid plant varieties of the cannabis genus, which includes the C. sativa, C. indica and C. ruderalis species. [Sources: 10, 14]


Cultivars are designed to enhance the specific characteristics of a plant or to differentiate a strain for marketing purposes or to increase its effectiveness as a medicine. Variety names are usually selected by the growers and often reflect the properties of the plant, such as taste, colour, odour or origin of the variety. [Sources: 10], 

This is why we begin our reorientation of each patient by discussing the two main types of marijuana, indica, ruderalis and sativa. They have different genetic characteristics because they come from different parts of the world but there are important differences between their effects that can determine which option is best for a persons individual needs. [Sources: 6]

sativa growth stage

Steve Albarran, the founder and CEO of research firm Confident Cannabis, said insider that searching for strains based on indica and sativa labels or strain name is an unreliable way to find the weed that you always like due to plant crossings and lack of patents in the industry. Research firm Confident Cannabis has created a strain comparison tool in medical dispensaries in the United States. [Sources: 3]

Researchers found that labels such as “indica” and “sativa” did not match the chemical composition of the strains. At cannabis dispensaries, products are usually advertised by the type of plant – indica, sativa or hybrid – and the variety name such as Green Kush or Blue Dream. Indica strains are said to have relaxed highs and body highs, Sativa strains tend to have high energy levels, and hybrids are somewhere in between. [Sources: 3]

Strains and Effects: The information below describes some of the commonly used strains of marijuana, including the amount of THC they contain. For example, THC can be found in sour diesel fuel from 7.7% to 22%. [Sources: 7]

Readers have already learned that sometimes the pungent taste of many strains of cannabis is the result of terpenes, special molecules in the herb that closely resemble cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. While many might assume that a particular cannabis strain is classified as indica, sativa, or hybrid based on the presence or absence of a particular cannabinoid or cannabinoid in a particular amount, it is in fact the terpene that determines this. [Sources: 16]

As marijuana has become legal in more and more states for both medical and recreational purposes, there is a growing interest in the various effects of various types of marijuana, including indica and sativa. For some, consuming a cannabis sativa product can help develop or unleash creativity or generate new ideas. [Sources: 7, 15]

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