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Want information on cannabis in Australia? Are you hungry for marijuana news or the recent laws?

Section 1: Introduction

This guide is aimed at people interested in medicinal cannabis but who are not necessarily in the medical cannabis industry. If you’re interested in cannabis but are unsure of the laws and other information about pot, we got you covered. It’s a worthwhile read for anyone interested in medicinal & other uses of cannabis. Here in Australia, states such as the NSW Government recommends decriminalisation of marijuana – and the state of ACT is on the path to changing the laws around cannabis use to be in favour of the common man. Author: [name], 23 y/o Aussie/NZ convert, director of the project Village Health Co. “I grew up in a family of doctors but was always trying to experiment with things that had a bit of a high impact on my body. I spent more time sitting around with a glass of red wine trying to get drunk than I did drinking”.

Is it legal to use cannabis?

Do you have a question about cannabis? With just a quick scroll through Twitter or Facebook, you would be forgiven for thinking that the grey era of cannabis is here. But in reality, Australia is the perfect spot for cannabis users. Not only are the social and political contexts of the nation broadly friendly, but it also has legal medical cannabis. Australia has a strong history of decriminalising the use of cannabis. These first decriminalised cannabis laws were introduced by colonial governments in the early 1900s. Here is a brief history of the decriminalisation of cannabis in Australia, and what it means for marijuana users.

What are the laws on cannabis in Australia?

Will you get a fine if you grow your own cannabis in your house? The first step is finding out what the current laws are in your state and what the punishments are for breaking them. To find out, use this government site for each state, or search on your state’s website here. If you live in Western Australia and want to try growing your own marijuana, you can learn about growing your own pot in this guide. By the time you read through the regulations in your state, you should have a better understanding of what the law says and how much marijuana you can legally grow in your local area. Don’t be afraid to tell the world once you know what the laws are, then you need to find a reputable source to obtain marijuana from but keep in mind you may need a medicinal marijuana or marijuana research licence (a license provided by the ODC) in some states to grow. You can find a good place to buy marijuana seeds here if you want to grow your own in a state where it’s legal.

The Medical Use of Cannabis

Australia is not one of the countries that have fully legalised cannabis, but it has legalised marijuana for medical purposes. A person may be authorised to use marijuana for a medical condition. Patients must go to a government-approved clinic and possess a valid medical prescription in order to use cannabis. Of course, there is a caveat: As marijuana is illegal in Australia, doctors are unable to conduct medical tests on patients, nor to conduct clinical trials. It can be a challenge for doctors to legally prescribe marijuana. And, it’s often very difficult for patients to obtain legal cannabis. But even though it is illegal, it is still popular.

The Recreational Use of Cannabis

In Australia, there are many recreational users of cannabis despite the laws in some states. You will be surprised at how many people partake in cannabis use no matter the risks. The ACT is the only state that is without penalty for possession of upto 50g of weed. It is however decriminalised in some states waving convictions for those that are caught using it.


Australia is quickly turning into one of the most progressive countries in the world when it comes to cannabis. The Australian government has shown true solidarity with citizens who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. The introduction of medical cannabis on a limited basis has already been embraced by many. The regulations for both medical and recreational use of cannabis are being loosened, and advocates will only continue to advance what has been taken for granted. The evolving cannabis landscape in Australia will shape medical marijuana from a medicinal perspective to a recreational one as well. Read the best stories in our roundup of the most exciting cannabis news in Australia in the months to come.

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