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Indoor Cannabis Grow Journal

a hand holding a cannabis leafProper planning is essential for good plants, making a schedule and sticking to it is a must.

This is a 3-month schedule that includes cloning, vegetative growth, and the blooming phase of cannabis. Depending on the cannabis variety, the flowering cycle maybe longer.

Those adding CO2 boosters or hydroponics may usually advance the cycles by one (1) week. 

You can start anytime using this sample grow schedule.

Indoor Cannabis Journal

Marijuana Grown in Soil

Month 1 – Week 1 

Plant your clone cuttings or marijuana seeds in a humidity dome and root them during the first week of the 1st month of this marijuana calendar. This process takes 1 – 4 weeks, but the success sign appears in normally 2 weeks. You must prep your soil mix (dolomite lime and your prefered soil grow medium) or hydroponics setup and get your grow spot ready for the vegetation phase with your timers adjusted to 18-hr days and 6-hr nights during the first two weeks after sowing your seeds or cloning.

Month 1 – Week 3

Your vegging room must be ready to go by week three (3). Your clones will be transplanted into a fresh container or hydro system, and the lights will be adjusted 22 – 34 inches above your plants.

Now you may start feeding your plants at half the strength of recommended dose by your fertiliser and work your way up. Water the plants regularly but do not drown them.

Month 2 – Week 5

A beautiful green foliage and thickening stalks are typical of plants in week five (5). You can keep fertilising as usual, but use the full strength fertiliser this time when you’re feeding your plant.

Next, position your lights 13 – 35 inches below the plants’ eaves to maximise their illumination capacity. Plants can be thinned and transplanted if needed.

cannabis grow journal

Month 2 – Week 7

This is the time to either relocate your veg plants into the blooming room or switch the lighting cycle to a 12hr lighting cycle. Your little beauties should be 12–24 inches tall by now.

For plants displaying symptoms of yellowing or burning, you will need to boost or decrease your fertiliser. During the blooming cycle, you will have to switch your fertiliser.

If you are utilising hydroponics, you will need to drain the reservoir and refill it with new water and nutrients. Simple changes to the soil fertiliser/watering combination.

Iron, magnesium, and nitrogen deficits can appear around this age. In soil, add trace element mix, and in hydroponics, choose a fertiliser supplement to help this deficiency.

By now, your plants’ water uptake has slowed, so don’t overwater them. You can use a hygrometer or your finger to check how wet it is one inch below the surface. If it’s dry one inch deep, you need to water your plants.

If they are overly wet, cease watering them. Your plants will require more air circulation now to stay healthy. Plants’ leaves can be cleaned by sprinkling them. Set 12-hour blossoming clones in vegetative clones’ chamber.

Month 3 – Week 9

By now, your plants would be 2 months of age, 18–36 inches tall, and starting to exhibit their whitish hairs known as pistils. Males in flower produce ball like pollen sacks fast.

If you wish to maintain a sinsemilla crop, remove all males. 

These days, its easier than ever before to clone cannabis plants, and you know the plants that are female. If you clone these, you will get guaranteed female plants.

If deficits or nutrient burn persist, you will need to alter fertilisers or drain the soil. If your plants show signs of stress, raise the lights, air movement, ventilation, and humidity.

Rapidly drying soil can harm plant roots. Dead or damaged leaves must be removed and discarded.

Plants that shade other plants can be moved around or bent and tied down. To give appropriate illumination for all plants, use more lights if your plants get too big with one light.

More lights boost plant yields. This is your last opportunity to treat your plants for mould, fungus, and insects. In the following next 4 weeks, your plants will manufacture THC and gain weight rapidly.

Month 3 – Week 11

The canopy of your plants will stretch and grow 7 -13 inches taller than from two (2) weeks earlier. You will keep using flowering fertiliser.

Absence of nitrogen or using HPS lights will cause older leaves to fall and die faster. Examine the checklist for mould.

If all leaves yellow, there is a deficit. Indica plants may be harvestable when sativa plants are not, but you can pick off maturing buds if you want.

As needed, water your plants without fertiliser. If you use pest/disease products  (fungicides and insecticides for example) are terrible for the end product and can be tasted when smoking.

Month 4 – Week 12

Your plants’ growth will be the same except the buds will grow larger and heavier. Pour avert a reduction in humidity, maintain hydrating your plants as necessary, but watch out for “Bud Mould” (grey mould).

indica under lighting and fan

Your crop will be ready in a week or so. Harvest and clean things up when ready. The clones you took in week 9 should have good roots by now and are able to repeat this cycle.

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