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Cloning Cannabis: Propagation Procedures

You Need A Healthy Mother Plant

You need a mother plant which is in fact a cannabis plant that is female and hasn’t flowered yet.

Never use scissors! A fresh, good quality razor blade or sharp knife is better. Scissors can damage the plant’s stem, preventing root formation.

Cloning Gel

There is hormone powder and gel (like Clonex) you can use. DIY rooting gel made with cinnamon, aloe vera, and honey is also an option.

Place your cannabis cutting into a growing medium like rock wool or coco coir.

Cover up your cuttings after applying cloning gel and keep them moist and warm.

Misting the plants with a water spray bottle to encourage growth.


Avoid fertilising and watering your female plant for a week before cutting. This reduces leaf nitrogen. What does this mean? Forget about growing new leaves, because nitrogen is the element that encourages plant growth.

Pick strong, healthy branches which can facilitate a 6′′-10′′ cutting.
Hands and blades should be sanitised with 90 percent rubbing alcohol before cutting to avoid bacterial contamination of the cutting.
45 degree cut under a node.

More rooting space enables the plant to absorb water more efficiently, increasing root growth.

Keep a sterilised jar of clean water handy and immediately submerge your cuttings. In addition, it helps stop air bubbles from being made inside the stem, which can harm or kill the plant.

In addition, it helps stop air bubbles from being made inside the stem, which can harm or kill the plant.


Root Hormones

Sterilize a shot glass with rooting gel and serve.
Prick holes in the growing medium big enough to contain the cutting’s stem into the covered container. Mist it thoroughly to get it wet.
When ready, remove a cutting from the water, shake softly to reduce excess water, and dip this into the rooting gel. Repeat as needed.
Immediately after coating, gently insert the cut end into the growing medium, pressing it in place. Mist the plant.

And do the same with your other cuttings.

Prevent stem rot by keeping the grow medium moistened but not soggy. Spray the plants daily with purified water (from a Brita filter) if possible.

It should help keep the plants moist, especially if you mist them regularly.

When new vegetative growth begins, you’ll know roots have developed. It’s now time to transplant the cuttings. A lot of handling or transplanting can cause shock in plant cuttings.

This means you should replant them into a larger pot or bigger container so you don’t have to repot them.

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