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Feminised Marijuana Seeds

Feminised marijuana seeds are the go to for most growers. This seed type assures the grower that they will end up with bud at the end of their grow. Ideal for those who harvest the flowers to use recreationally or medically.

There are many reasons why someone would choose to purchase feminised cannabis seeds, including convenience, efficiency, simplicity or minimising risk factors.

What does “feminised” mean?

feminised pot up close

Feminisation is the term for a method of producing female only plants through the use of colloidal silver and/or gibberellic acid (if you’re not sure what these are, don’t worry).

When using non-feminised seed regular checks must be made during vegetation stage to separate male from female plants. This regular checking consumes lots of time so its easy to forget one or some males might slip through. Also removing males can stress females especially if they are young. So there’s always the chance some females will accidentally get pollinated and produce seeds.

A lot of growers don’t want seeds in their end product thus the reason they choose feminised cannabis seed types.

As feminised seeds don’t include males among the plants they produce, growers only need to grow out their crop until its ready for harvesting without having to remove any male plants.

If you just want a hassle-free experience then feminised cannabis seeds are the way to go. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with non feminised types of seed if that’s what you prefer.

It is true feminised marijuana seeds produce female plants which gives great advantages over regular types but this must be taken into consideration when purchasing feminised seeds. You must make sure of two things; firstly that it really is feminised and secondly you’re buying from a trusted supplier with an excellent reputation. Most breeders will state “Feminised Cannabis Seeds”

“Female Marijuana Plants” Are a staple among growers that want flowers or bud that is useable in smoking, cooking, medicating etc. Feminised cannabis seeds are a very logical choice for growing if you don’t pollen producing males that ruin your crop if your unaware. A feminised cannabis plant will produce female flowering plants only, with no male chromosomes to produce seeds or pollen sacs (see also Regular Seeds).

While feminised cannabis seeds are the way to go if you want guaranteed feminised marijuana; feminised cannabis seed strains can be more difficult to grow than regular types of seed unless you know what you’re doing. Because feminised marijuana plants contain no males in the same batch they don’t need any special treatment when growing and can produce great yields especially when coupled with good knowledge of how to grow feminised cannabis properly; feminised weed has evolved to create amazing strains that pulls in all cultivars that old school growers love to see.

Its important for most growers to get an end product which is mainly flowers in order to satisfy their needs. Feminised cannabis seeds are revolutionary for growers who don’t want to waste time and save money. You can focus more on the growing rather than the headaches involved with dealing with males – which can ruin a crop.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds: The Basics

To wrap it up, feminisation refers to the process by which a plant becomes feminised and has no male chromosomes. It does not mean that they are feminised after being grown out, but rather at the very start going all the way to seed form. There is an interesting history behind how feminised marijuana came to be.

It is believed that the first feminisation techniques were developed almost 20 years ago by a group of Dutch growers working with White Widow. They observed that certain plants appeared to be female, while others were male. By cloning only the females they inadvertently discovered how to produce feminised seeds without sexual interference.

The next generation of feminised marijuana strains was introduced in 1999, produced through artificial pollination at very early seed growth stages. The resulting seeds are nearly all female. It was started in the late 90’s when Sinsemilla (meaning without seeds) was becoming popular with growers. Feminisation has since been used by growers everywhere to help them produce only female plants which can be replicated by cloning or planting clippings taken from mature plants producing only females.

Top Down View Angle of Feminised Cannabis

Should I grow with feminised cannabis seeds?

This depends on what you want from your cannabis plant. Do you wish to breed plants by growing males and pollinating female plants or do you just want to grow weed to get bud at the end of your grow?

When feminisation came about it was a real game changer for growers as feminised cannabis seeds are guaranteed to produce females plants.

Why would you not feminise your weed seeds? A male plant usually just drops his pollen, losing all of that precious cannabinoids that have taken so much energy for the plant to produce. How wasteful is that! A feminised seed will always produce a female plant and with feminised hybrid seeds, the plants show traits from both parents which increases the breeding possibilities.

Where do I buy feminised cannabis seeds in Australia?

You can purchase marijuana seeds that are feminised by dropping into our page on marijuana seeds in Australia here. We show you the best seeds at the best prices.

How are feminised marijuana seeds made?

For feminised weed seeds, you have to start with feminised pollen in the first place so you need a hermaphroditic cannabis plant which will itself produce feminised pollen.

Luckily for us, there are feminised marijuana strains that are specially made through selective breeding, including popular feminised pot seed strains like White Widow and Northern Light. A feminised weed strain is essentially a normal marijuana strain with an added genetic code that makes it female. With feminising cannabis seeds this usually involves adding more of the female X chromosome in order to make feminisation faster and easier.

Colloidal silver feminises cannabis by making male pollen sacs produce feminised pollen.

The feminising process starts with a feminised marijuana strain, so you need to order feminised pot seeds to start your feminising experiment. What makes feminisation work is the fact that female X chromosomes are naturally dominant over male Y chromosomes – just like how brown eyes are more dominate than blue eyes. So if you have a single X chromosome in the mix, it will always win out over its male counterpart which carries an X and a Y chromosome.

First of all you need some colloidal silver;

What Does Colloidal Silver Do To Cannabis?

Colloidal silver is a suspension of particles in a liquid. The particle size should be extremely small to have a metallic taste and the particles should measure at least 10 nanometres across so they are less than 5 microns in size. At this size the colloid has no colour but it does look silvery or white.

In living things, cells communicate with each other by means of specialised proteins called pheromones. These chemicals work because all living organisms give off electrical signals, which can be detected by anything that carries an electrical current – such as other human bodies, bacteria or plants. By emitting these electrical signals from their feminised marijuana pollen sacs it will trigger the female plant’s bisexual reproductive system into feminizing her seed by product.

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