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Best Marijuana Growing Guide for Australia

In our guide to growing marijuana in Australia, we cover all the important questions that novice or even veteran growers need to know to growing their own A grade cannabis. We cover the basics and expert techniques that you can implement to growing your own dank herb. Stick around and find out what the best methods are of growing weed down under.

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What is Marijuana?

What has made marijuana a notorious yet sought after plant not just in Australia, but world wide? Find out how and why you should grow it yourself if your someone that loves the plant. We cover its history, benefits, negatives and why you should grow it yourself.

Why Grow Marijuana

Since marijuana has been found, it has been known to have incredible benefits – not only for recreational use but for medical as well. This amazing plant has changed the world and it’s impacts have been well documented. It’s a plant that holds its value and continually changes live all around. Learn more about its life changing properties here with us and the community around the world.

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Marijuana Strains

There are so many marijuana strains out there and to keep track is almost impossible. With our help, we can guide you through the different strains and why you should go for them. We aren’t doctors or gurus but we do know what has helped us in the past and are eager to get you on the right path to finding what marijuana strain is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The community at large nationwide in Australia asks many questions to us on a regular. Here we list the most frequently asked questions and answer them as best as we can. If there’s a question in your mind that hasn’t been answered, don’t be afraid to ask them to us here at Marijuana Growing Australia.

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Is Marijuana Legal in Australia?

If your wondering what the legalities are of growing, using, selling, or even trading marijuana in Australia, read up on it here.

Soil Growing Mediums

Soil Based Mediums

Find out if soil based grows are for you when cultivating cannabis in Australia.

Hydro Growing Mediums

Marijuana Hydro

If you are all about efficiency, try our hydroponics growing methods for cannabis.

Marijuana Grow Guide

Marijuana in its Different Stages
Marijuana in its Different Stages
Marijuana Nutrients
Marijuana Nutrients
Indoor Growing Setups
Indoor Growing Setups
Outdoor Cannabis Setups
Outdoor Cannabis Setups
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Cannabis Propagation

Find out the best methods there available for propating your marijuana plants. Learn the best techniques to get the best results early on.

marijuana curing and drying process

Drying and Curing Weed

How do you dry and cure marijuana properly you ask? Well here we answer the best methods tried and true. Don’t waste any plant matter with what we have to say.

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Marijuana Terminologies

Unsure about some of the things we mention on this website? Here is a list of a terms that we frequently throw around so you have a better understanding of what we’re on about.

troubleshooting cannabis growing problems

Problem Solving Weed Issues

If theres anything wrong with how your weed grows and effects you, this section is all about that to help you get back on the ‘high’way.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Australia

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This website receives a commission for using affiliate links within our content. Although we receive commission for using and linking to…

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Am I smoking too much?

This website receives a commission for using affiliate links within our content. Although we receive commission for using and linking to…

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis in Australia

This website receives a commission for using affiliate links within our content. Although we receive commission for using and linking to…

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