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Marijuana, Should I Grow It?

If your someone that is paying too much money for marijuana, want your own homegrown, sick of PGR and hydro chemicals, want to experiment with different cannabis strains, need your own reliable supply of cannabis or simply want to grow weed for medical reasons, then the short answer is yes you should grow your own.

marijuana too expensive in Australia

What should I do when I realise I’m paying too much for marijuana?

It’s time to reevaluate the situation and make better choices for yourself.

If you are like us, people who enjoy our home dried beef jerky, you know the pleasure is more substantial than buying store-bought expensive jerky that just doesn’t satisfy our cravings. We may like flavours that only we know how to achieve, we may want more chilli more soy sauce, more pepper, more vinegar, you know what we’re talking about.

It comes down to the fact that we know what we want – and that’s the same with weed.

What’s PGR? Is it bad?

PGR stands for Plant Growth Regulators and yes it can be bad if consumed on a regular basis. PGR’s are basically steroids for your plant which is incredibly harmful if consumed.

It alters a plants characteristics mainly increasing its density and yield, however it is completely synthetic. It’s not natural and should be avoided by all means.

That’s why you hear people saying that ‘bush’ weed is their preference. Marijuana grown outdoors is usually cultivated with only natural or organic means of fertilising the cannabis plant.

With bush weed, it’s usually safe to say that you will getting chemical free bud that will give you a true high. A more angelic feeling of being one with nature.

Those who use PGR are using it to create profit, not an ideal feeling of wellbeing capable of making you feel the way you want to feel when you consume cannabis.

How do I create my own steady supply of cannabis?

If you live in states like the ACT, you can create a steady supply of weed by simply growing your own pot the right way and maximising your yield. Your allowed to grow 2 plants per person or 4 plants per person.

If you manage to get it right, you can yield upto one pound per plant depending on the strain, light requirements, nutrients, cannabis strain etc.

It’s not so hard. But you gotta be diligent and willing to learn and make mistakes along the way to get your head around growing your own supply.

There’s art and science behind this awesome endeavour so be excited, it’s worth it in the long run.

Ask your veteran cannabis grower friends and associates, they’ll surely point you to the right direction. Otherwise, check out our guide on how to grow marijuana on this website.

One quick pointer we can make is, choose the right cannabis seeds for Australia.

growing weed for medical reasons in australia

Growing Marijuana for Medical Reasons

Whether you smoke it just on the side or actually get medical benefits from it, we don’t judge. In fact we are all for the use of marijuana for medical reasons.

If you want to be your own doctor, we reckon you should delve into trying out some strains that might help with your medical condition. Sometimes it’s hard to source good ganja that will alleviate your symptoms so it’s a good idea to experiment with different strains.

The best way to do this is by growing your own but sourcing seeds from reputable seedbanks which you may find online. Growing the seeds and consuming the end product might be your best bet to finding out what works for your conditions.

Once you’ve nailed the strain, keep growing the same plant and keep its genetics in the loop.

Sick of the sickening chemicals in Cannabis?

A lot of cannabis consumers loudly and repetitively say they hate hydro weed because of the chemicals in the pot they find around locally. Unfortunately, most hydro weed is fed with chemicals that aren’t natural. It’s hard to find weed grown with organic chemicals – making the chase harder.

If you live in a town that hasn’t got much bush or areas where you could grow weed organically outdoors, you will find lots of indoor weed-grown hydroponically with harsh chemicals.

Those who grow indoors know they must make the most out of their setups to make ends meet so you may find their weed goodies not so good. These marijuana growers may use plant growth regulators to bump up their yield to make more profit but it sacrifices quality.

That’s why going to places like Nimbin may bring you better buds. The old school pot growers from Nimbin know that artificial chemicals like PGR’s aren’t the best way to go about things. Therefore they stick to the tried and true method and grow organically.

Nimbin isn’t the only place where you can find weed like this. In the ACT, more and more growers are switching to organic means of growing weed to deliver truly quality weed.

There’s also a place near Coffs Harbour that wholeheartedly believes in growing organic weed. We believe the place should be held sacred but to put names to places, it’s Bundagen. This small village mainly comprised of hippies is well renowned in the area as great organic weed growers. They probably wouldn’t like to be called hippies, but they grow great weed that dedicated hippies would enjoy.

In Bundagen, you will not only find great marijuana grown by natural means, but you will find a nudist beach too that many won’t fathom. There’s only a handful of places as free as Bundagen but let us tell you, it’s quite the sight to see from the naked eye.

how to get organic cannabis in australia

So How Do I Get Good Organic Marijuana?

Well if you’re willing to travel, our main recommendation is Nimbin and Bundagen in NSW Australia. But if you can’t get there, grow your own! But that is strictly for the growers in the ACT otherwise you may have to risk going outdoors and growing your own if you are blessed to be in an area that has lots of bush. We don’t recommend it, but it may be your only option if you are in need of organic bud. Just be sure you won’t lace it with PGR, that’s the cheaters way..

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