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Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds can grow to be female or male

Regular weed seeds are the only type of seed that will produce either a male or female plant. Regular marijuana seeds are notorious for being easily stressed out by changes in their environment, subsequently producing male flowers early on if they’re exposed to stressors like light leaks during flowering or nutrient issues. You can avoid this by purchasing feminised regular seeds which have had the sex chromosomes manipulated so that the seed will always grow into a female plant (saving you time and money).


Regular marijuana plants take longer than auto-flowering plants to mature, but it’s also common for them not to show their gender until several weeks after other plants do. Regular plants outdoors usually take up to 4-8 months to flower if they become females, and at 3-4 weeks, regular ‌cannabis‌ ‌seed types that turn male, will ‌show signs of male flowers at ‌around‌ ‌3-4 ‌week‌s ‌from‌ ‌seed. These male flowers will produce pollen that can pollinate females which could in turn produce seeds in the female, but if there are no female cannabis plants nearby, or if you’ve opted for 100% feminised seeds, this pollen is useless. Male ‌plants‌ ‌will‌ stop growing ‌after they show male flowers. Male cannabis are thought of as being less desirable than females because they don’t produce buds with as much THC as compared to female marijuana plants.

Close up blurred background Male Cannabis plant showing pollen sacks hanging off a branch
Male cannabis plant showing pollen sacs

Male cannabis plants can have buds, but generally speaking they don’t have as much THC as a females

Male ‌cannabis‌ ‌plants‌ are also used for breeding with females with desirable attributes. If you have an awesome cannabis strain like say Amnesia Haze (male) and OG Kush (female), you could breed these two together to end with a crossed strain with a mix of both parents attributes. This is great for breeding new strains and you can even name the end result something you find fitting.

Regular ‌cannabis‌ ‌seeds types from online seed banks can be from different varieties of marijuana strains, such as indica or sativa. Indica is a short bushy plant which is good for colder climates or indoor cannabis grows. Sativas are better for growing outdoors as they can grow to be quite big (upwards of 20ft with some strains).

Male cannabis plants can be amazing for breeders as they have the needed pollen to fertilise many female plants (one male can pollinate up to 10 females). Male marijuana plants will produce the flowers that contain pollen while females produce higher amounts of trichomes which can be used to make concentrates like hash or dabs. Male cannabis plants also produce pollen which pollinates female plants to develop seeds.

The pollen is what you want from these male plants and this pollen can be collected and then induced into the female cannabis plant to fertilise them for seed production later on after flowering occurs. This process is called breeding cannabis, hence why you need a “male” plant present in order for the successful breeding of your female crop of ganja.

The age of a male flower from a cannabis plant doesn’t matter as much as long as it is still alive and growing. Male cannabis plants start to produce pollen around two weeks into the flowering process, but they won’t be able to pollinate a female flower until around week three or four of the flowering phase.

Breeding Male Cannabis Plants – The Two Week Rule & Identifying Males from Females

breeding male cannabis plants in Australia

There is a maximum window of only two weeks during which you must collect male pollen if you want your female ganja plant to have fully developed seeds with all the proper nutrients. If you do not manage this schedule correctly then you can end up with underdeveloped seeds that will produce inferior progeny when it comes time for the next grow cycle.

Male flowers on a cannabis plant can be a lucrative venture if you have a killer strain, as you only need one plant to pollinate varying cannabis strains that are female. You can then use the resulting marijuana seeds to grow your own brand of high-yielding and potent cannabis plants. Male flowers also do not cost much, as they are worth nothing without a female plant to fertilise; they only serve as a way to make more plants.

Cannabis is well known for having male and female versions of the same plant species. The potential difference in size, shape and aroma between genders has been exploited by cultivators for centuries. Male plants have an elongated flowering period that does not allow for enough time to produce viable pollen. Male flowers exist solely as a vessel through which fertilisation occurs with a nearby female plant, making it possible for you to collect pollen from other strains if need be.

When it comes to breeding cannabis plants, males are needed otherwise essentially there is no sperm to fertilise an overlie so to speak. The pollen from a male plant is sperm and the buds of a female plant is the ovaries. Pollen is needed to fertilise the female flowers for seeds. Male plants, like females, also begin flowering (and producing pollen) when they are mature enough; but male plants do not need as much time to produce viable pollen before they can pollinate a nearby female plant. Once that happens, it’s game over for their life cycle and you’ll need to remove them from your grow room. 

Males flower faster than females so if you don’t want any seedy buds then these males must be removed immediately once they show themselves. Males also use energy that could otherwise go towards growing the more preferred female plant.

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