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Seed Propagation

Growing from seed comes with many uncertainties. You don’t know how well the cannabis seeds will perform as opposed to clones from a high performing cannabis plant.

The simplest method for propagating seeds is to:

Purchase some styrofoam cups and create drainage at the bottom.

Consider filling up your cups with a growing medium that is inert.

Avoid using soil from your backyard or outdoors as it can bring in pests/diseases.

Moulds and mildew will starve to death if seedlings are grown in inert mediums. Mould can’t grow on these since they don’t have anything to grow on.

Use a mixture of milled peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite when in doubt. These are mould-proof since they are inert.

Alternatively, go for soil such as Canna Terra which is available online from eBay or offline in most hydroponics stores.

When developing from seed, nutrients are your adversary. Apply no nutrients or biologically active materials until the seedlings have established roots. They require food at this phase; before rooting, they did not. Plant your seeds twice as deep as they are long.

Spray the top ½ inch of soil using RO (reverse osmosis) water out of a spray bottle, important to make sure it is nice & damp (be sure not to overwater the soil)

In a nice 70° environment, place the cups within a humidity dome.

Place some form of fluorescent light fixture above the humidity dome.

Check for moisture on a daily basis and use a spray bottle to add more moisuter if necessary.

If you started with excellent healthy seeds, you should notice the little guys popping out of the earth after around 3 days.

Take care not to overwater your seeds once they have germinated and surfaced.

Keep your soil moist, but only with a spray bottle, until your plants have developed a couple of sets of leaves.

Overwatering the soil may invite fungi, and dampening off will kill seedlings, so it’s necessary for the new roots to grow.

During the first two weeks, open the top vents and remove the cover for short periods of time to ensure that your seedlings obtain fresh air inside the humidity dome.

After seeds have germinated, the seedling stage happens roughly in 2 to 3 weeks. Seedlings begin the vegetative stage of growth once a vigorous root system establishes and leaf growth has increased considerably.

Marijuana will grow from ½ inch to 2 inches each day if properly cared for. It can take weeks for a plant that has become stunted at this point to restore normal growth.

To give much-needed water and nutrients, a strong, unconstrained root system is required. For a successful harvest, maintaining perfect circumstances during the vegetative phase is critical.

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